Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Students Will Work Outside of Class to Improve/Maintain

We will be "Running Across America" outside of class to help to improve/maintain our aerobic capacity. Each week, students will log how long/how far they have run/walked at home outside of class. Every Friday, we will collect each student's run/walk log and add up how many miles we have run/walked together. We will plot our miles on a map of the United States following Route 80 for 2, 902 miles! As we travel from NJ to California, we will make pitstops along the way to discuss the healthy foods we can find in different regions and cities in our country.

If parents would like to join us on our "trip," we'd love to plot a Parent's Route parallel to ours!  Students will be bring home a log sheet for parents to fill out as well.

All walking/running counts...outdoors, on a treadmill, in a mall, on vacation. From September through May 31...we're walkin', yes, indeed, we're walkin'!! Come join us!

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