Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Class Performance: WELL DONE!

Congratulations, Class!!! I am so proud of each of you and you should be proud of yourselves as well!!

As a whole, our class performed very well on Walk Test. We had a total of 18 students for whom scores were obtained, 7 male and 11 female. The fitness assessments are based on normative data by gender as well as age.

Overall, our total class fitness assessments were fantastic! 13 or 72% of students scored Good to Superior and 5 or 28% of students scored Fair to Needs Improvement. More girls than boys scored Good to Superior. 9 or 90% of the girls scored Good to Superior with 4 or 57% of the boys scoring Good to Superior.

Based on verbal feedback from the students as well as visual assessment during the assessment, I believe this was mostly due to higher motivation from the girls.  Some of the boys mentioned they were demotivated by the weather.

VO2max scores for girls ranged from 7.9ml/kg/min to 60.1ml/kg/min and for boys from 35.9ml/kg/min to 56.3ml/kg/min. The average VO2max for girls was 39.43ml/kg/min with a standard deviation of + 13.85, and for boys was 48.53ml/kg/min with a standard deviation of + 8.59. I believe the "Fair to Needs Improvement" category was impacted more by inclement weather and low motivation than by lower aerobic capacity. We all absolutely have the ability to improve our scores next time and we'll work together in class to build both our endurance as well as our motivation!

Congratulations on a job well done!

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